Bishop Samuel Enosa Peni

This is Bishop Samuel PeniI have been in Nzara all the past few weeks, first visiting the parishes for confirmation and licencing Lay readers and Mothers Union members. I was also able to bring together all the clergy of the diocese to train them on Voter Education in preparation for the referendum. This was on 3rd January.

I finished my visit on the 8th January to Sakure Parish. which was a risky journey because of the LRA in that area near the border with D.R. Congo. We asked for 32 security escort, they were in two trucks one infront and the other behind. It was a joy to be able to have access to this multitude who gathered there to receive us. Only two parisies now remain: The Cathedral in Nzara where I will be confirming next Sunday: there are 78 confirmation candidates and 4 MU and 2 Lay readers. the other is Yabongo Parish where I will be on Monday 17th January. That will bring me to end of confirmation tour. Please do pray for us.  Each time we take one of our children on the visit for them to experience the kind of overwhelming reception we get and for them to understand a bit of the ministry their parents have been called. 

We will have our Diocesan standing Committee on the 11th and 12th February and end with a big service on the 13th February 2011. There will be ordain 6 deacons who have gone through theological training in Yambio for 3 years and are qualified for ordination as deacons. I will be retreating with them on the 9th and 10th February to prepare them and pray with them and their spouses in those two days.

+Samuel   Bishop of Nzara   Please pray for us.