Vision, under Almighty God

Abundant life through a growing Christianity based on a Holistic Ministry


Nzara Diocese of the Episcopal Church of Sudan exists to spread the holistic Gospel to all, build capacity of the community to be self-reliant, based on the teaching of the Scriptures


  • Unity

  • Transparency

  • Community particilpation

  • Working in partnership

Strategic Areas of Focus

  1. Diocesan Headquarters establishment:  This goal has been completely fullfilled.  In the Spring of 2011 new Diocesan offices, a Traing Center, and a Bishops House were all dedicated by Arch-BishopDaniel Deng.

  2. Institutional Capacity: A competent diocesan staff has been assembled, a computer center and website established, financial controls set up and monitored, and a variety of workshops/training opportunities provided.    

  3. Evangelism:  Under the auspices of Flame International and the "Rooted In Jesus" movements six workshops have been held to promote the sharing of faith and to help persons move from being converts to being disciples.

  4. Community Social Services:  St. Timothys School has been opened in Nzara and now serves 175 students.  The Good Samaritan PHCC Health Clinic has been opened and now serves over 500 patients a month. A new Computer Center offering computer classes and internet access has been established.  A new pre-school has been opened in Ragansi. Forty three community Health Care Workers have been organized to help combat Maternal Deaths and promote HIV-AIDs awareness. A workshop to demonstrate how Increased Food Production might be achieved has been held.

  5. Women Empowerment:  Sewing Machines have been purchased for the use of thrre women in each of the Parishes.  Thse women have been trained in the use of the machines and in sewing techniques.  A Micro-Finance program for women has been begun and been expanded. Mothers Union training events have been held.